Flannan Isles Lighthouse

flannan isles lighthouse mystery missing men

Flannan Isles Lighthouse, Scotland

In December of 1900, sailors approaching the Flannan Isles Lighthouse near Scotland noticed that the lighthouse light was not operational. Two weeks later, a boat was sent to the lighthouse where it was discovered that all three attendants, Thomas Marshall, James Ducat, and Donald MacArthur, were missing.

flannan isles lighthouse mystery missing men

The clocks were stopped, a set of oilskins were left inside and the beds were unmade. The only sign of anything amiss was a single overturned chair. The most logical explanation is that all three men were swept into the ocean by a large wave. One of the men was inside, sitting at the chair that would soon be overturned, when he witnessed the other two men being swept out to sea and ran to their aid. This would explain why he would’ve went outside improperly dressed. Seedier rumors also began to spread and some assumed one of the men murdered the other two before throwing himself into the ocean. Others believed they met their fate when a ghost ship arrived. We can never be certain. The mens’ bodies have never been recovered.

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