There are thousands of cases of unidentified remains found across the United States. Although individuals donate their time to matching missing persons cases with photos of remains and their composite sketches, there are still thousands who remain unidentified.  Here at, we will highlight dozens of cases in the hopes that someone out there recognizes the deceased and can bring closure to the family. For more information about unidentified and missing person, please visit The Doe Network.

Please note that none of the photos featured in this article will contain graphic images of deceased persons. However, some photos may be slightly unnerving. Tips and information about these individuals can be given anonymously.

1. Skull of Unidentified White Female

unidentified white female new york

Reconstruction of the victim

  • The victim was discovered on August 15, 2002 in Hunter, Greene County, New York on Platte Clove Rd.
  • Estimated Date of Death: 1980-1990

Vital Statistics

  • Estimated age: 25-55 years old
  • Dental Records: Available
  • DNA: Available

If you have any information about this case, please contact: New York State Police: Diana Benoit 518-622-8600