October 20, 2016, Coos Bay, Oregon – It started on Tuesday, October 17th when a resident of Coos Bay, Oregon called the police to report that people were trying to remove the roof from her car. When police arrived, they found no sign of the vandals and left. Strangely the woman called back the following day, reporting that the vandals had returned. The woman, a 52 year old caregiver to a 78 year old patient, was taken to the Bay Area Oregon Hospital by police when it was suspected something was medically wrong with the woman.

bay area hospital coos bay oregon hospital hallucination

Bay Area Hospital – Coos Bay, Oregon

At the hospital, the woman’s 78 year old patient began experiencing hallucinations as well. Then the two deputies who brought both women in began hallucinating. A member of the hospital staff also began experiencing flu-like symptoms followed by hallucinations. All five were hospitalized. The two deputies and the hospital staff member were later released, while the 52 year old caregiver is still hospitalized. No word on the condition of the 78 year old patient.

A hazmat team inspected the home of the patient, but found nothing suspicious. There were fentanyl patches (a powerful narcotic) used by the elderly woman, but it was determined that these were not the cause for the hallucinations. The hospital’s emergency room was placed under quarantine until the area was determined safe. Nothing suspicious was found in the hospital and it was reopened.

The case is still being investigated by authorities.