Karin Wetzl and Canute Joseph


Karin Wetzl and Canute Joseph, circa 2008

It wasn’t until three months after their disappearance that Canute Joseph and Karin Wetzl were reported missing. The pair were dating and living in Canute’s car in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands when they disappeared sometime in October 2008. It wasn’t unlike the pair to go long periods of time without contacting their family, so there was no immediate concern when their families hadn’t heard from them. But once the holidays came and went, Karin’s family became worried and filed a missing person’s report in January 2009. Canute’s family was contacted and they too filed a report in February 2009.

Estate Thomas Map Cistern Karin Wetzl

In February 2009, a woman’s body was discovered in a cistern on Estate Thomas with a bullet wound to her head. The woman suffered a broken arm during her life – like Karin. A piece of jewelry found with the body was positively identified as belonging to Karin as well. It is unclear if the body was ever identified as Karin’s through DNA. Still, it remains a mystery what happened to Karin and Canute.

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact the Virgin Islands Police Department at 340-693-8880