Ted Boyett and Charlene “Denise Sawyer” Knapp

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Charlene Denise Knapp and Ted Herbert Boyett, circa 2001

Boyfriend and girlfriend Ted Boyett, 48, and Charlene Knapp, 47, lived together in the small Louisiana town of Kinder. To investigators, December 3, 2001 began as a seemingly ordinary day for the couple. Charlene worked a 10 hour shift and Ted was there to pick her up around 4:30 in the afternoon. This was the last known sighting of the couple. Police believe the couple made it back home as their vehicle and personal belongings were found at the house, including a frozen chicken thawing in the sink. However, the couple was nowhere to be found and little to no evidence of their whereabouts were left behind. Charlene’s credit card was used four days later at a gas station about 100 miles away.

indian village cemetery ted boyette charlene knapp denise sawyer

Since their disappearance, investigators received tips that Ted and Charlene were murdered and buried near an Indian Village cemetery located less than 15 miles from Ted and Charlene’s home. A dig of the area was executed, but no remains were found.

If you have any information concerning the disappearance of Ted Boyett or Charlene Knapp, please contact the Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office at 337-639-4353.