Matt Baker

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The ultimate wolf in sheep’s clothing, Matt Baker was a Baptist pastor, who chose to ignore a few commandments: thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not commit adultery, thou shalt not bear false witness…to name a few. For years he hid his sexual perversions from his wife Kari and the congregation under the guise of a God-fearing man. When Kari turned up dead of an alleged suicide, no one questioned her death, even with the suspiciously type-written suicide note. Kari’s family eventually found out that two months prior to Kari’s death, Matt started an affair with a younger woman at church. Matt even cited his wife’s weight-gain as a reason why he wanted out of the marriage. Odd, coming from a man who isn’t exactly fit and lean. Matt’s mistress eventually told the courts that he admitted to killing his wife so that he and his mistress could be together.

Matt Baker is currently serving 65 years in prison for his wife’s murder.