Blessed Margaret of Castello

blessed margaret castello body incorrupt

(L) Artistic depiction of Blessed Margaret of Castello (R) Her remains

She was born in 1287 with severe birth defects including blindness, curvature of the spine and dwarfism. Her parents imprisoned her for over a decade and eventually abandoned her at a church when she was 20 years old. People in town took care of her and she eventually opened a school for children. She died at age 33 and it was rumored that a disabled girl was miraculously healed at Margaret’s funeral. Her incorrupt body lies under the main altar of St. Dominic Church in Castello. Unlike many of the other bodies in this article, Margaret of Castello’s body looks authentic, but not necessarily incorrupt. It looks mummified, which can happen naturally if a body is buried in the right conditions.

blessed margaret castello incorrupt body

Margaret Castello’s body below the alter of the church