Life insurance: it’s great to have, but most of us hope we’ll never have to use it. In the right hands, it provides for a grieving family, covers burial costs, medical bills, etc. But in the wrong hands, it becomes incentive to kill. Can you put a price on another’s life? The average person can’t, but an evil soul has no trouble pulling the trigger for a million, maybe half a million and sometimes even as law as a couple thousand dollars.

Many states have “slayer laws” which prevent a life insurance beneficiary from collecting the payout if they caused the policy holder’s death. However, this proves to be a problem when authorities are unable to prove that the murderer is in fact a murderer. Insurance companies will withhold paying the beneficiary if he or she is a suspect for murder and until the suspect is either cleared or acquitted, the life insurance company will not pay. Still, it doesn’t stop many from trying to get their bloodstained hands on a small fortune.

Here are 10 cases of individuals who proved that the love of money is the root of all evil.

10. Tammy & Steven Franklin

tammy franklin steven life insurance donald raleigh north carolina murder attempted

(L) Tammy Franklin (R) Steven Franklin

Raleigh, North Carolina – It was May 2015 when Tammy Franklin took out a $1 million dollar life insurance policy on her husband Donald. Less than six months later, Donald would be fighting off an attacker. The attacker had one goal in mind: shove Donald down a flight of stairs into a spiked rake, killing him. The attacker turned out to be Donald’s 23 year old son Steven. Donald was able to keep his footing and avoid the fatal fall, but that didn’t stop Steven from pulling out a paring knife and attacking his father with that. Donald managed to escape with his life. Police later uncovered a murder conspiracy plot between Tammy and her son Steven… all for $1 million dollars. Tammy and Steven Franklin are currently awaiting trial. They are both charged with first-degree conspiracy to commit murder. We have a hunch mommy dearest was the brains behind this ill-fated scheme.