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Marina Chapman: The Feral Child Raised By Capuchin Monkeys

  • Born around 1950, Marina Chapman was a Colombian born British girl. She does not remember which village she was from or who her parents were.
  • Marina claims that around age 4 or 5, she was abducted from her village and released into the jungle. She is not sure why she was released.
  • Alone in the jungle, she learned to fend for herself by eating berries, roots, and bananas dropped by the capuchin monkeys. She slept in holes in trees.
  • She claims that by watching the capuchin monkeys, she learned how to survive in the jungle. At one point she was deathly ill from food poisoning and claims an older monkey led her to muddy water which she drank and it caused her to throw up. She started to recover soon after.
  • Hunters discovered Marina when she was approximately 9 years old. Her age was determined by the growth of her hair. She had completely forgotten how to speak.
  • She eventually moved to Bradford, Yorkshire, where she lives today married with children.