oxana malaya feral wild child

Oxana Malaya: The Feral Child Raised by Dogs

  • Born in the Ukraine on November 4, 1983, Oxana Malaya had no known abnormalities and appeared to be a healthy baby.
  • Her alcoholic parents neglected her and she spent most of her childhood surrounded by dogs.
  • Oxana says that at age 3, her parents left her outside one night. She curled up with the mongrel dogs for warmth.
  • Authorities finally discovered Oxana when she was 7 1/2. She ran around on all fours, would bark and eat like a dog. She could only say “yes” or “no.”
  • Due to years of neglect, her doctors claim that she will never be able to function “normally” within society. She is intellectually impaired due to so many years of neglect, but she has learned to speak.
  • Oxana now lives in a clinic in Odessa, working with the hospital’s farm animals.