September 15th, Brooklyn, NYRita Wolfensohn, a blind-extreme hoarder, believed her son moved out 20 years ago. Family confirmed they hadn’t seen Louis Wolfensohn in well over a decade. It wasn’t until Rita’s sister-in-law, Josette Buchman, showed up to the house to fetch some of Rita’s belongings that a gristly discovering was made.

hoarder house skeleton son extreme hoarder

The Brooklyn home, worth an estimated $700,000, where Louis Wolfensohn’s remains were found

In a second story bedroom, amongst garbage and filth, was an intact skeleton lying on a thin mattress on the floor. It was dressed in a t-shirt, jeans and socks. Police believe the remains belong to Louis Wolfensohn who would have been 49 years old today. The cause of death has been determined to be natural causes. Rita had a second son, Michael, who also passed away in 2003 at the age of 38.

hoarder mom skeleton son

(L) Josette Buchman, Wolfensohn’s sister-in-law (R) Joseph Buchman, Rita’s brother

Police believe that Rita Wolfensohn, who is legally blind, may have been unaware that her deceased son was still inside the house. A police source described the inside of the house as looking like “a garbage truck had dumped its load” inside. The room also reeked of rotting food, but not human decomposition. No comment has been from Rita Wolfensohn or any of the family. According to reports, it is believed she is living in an assisted-living facility. When Josette Buchman discovered the remains, she was picking up belongings of Rita’s to take to her in the hospital. The family has been described as “not close” which may further explain why the body took so long to be discovered.

As of September 2018, there have been no updates in this case. No public release of Louis Wolfensohn’s official cause of death. It is also unclear if extreme hoarder Rita Wolfensohn is still in assisted living or if she has also passed away.