The Unsolved Girl Scout Camping Murders – Locust Grove, Oklahoma

JUNE 12th, 1977 – The Locust Grove’s Girl Scout camp was celebrating it’s opening day. Among the scouts were Lori Farmer (8), Michelle Guse (9) and Doris Milner (10). The three girls were be bunk mates, sharing the furthest bunk from counselor’s station.

Two months earlier, during an onsite training for counselors, a staff member’s overnight bag was ransacked. Whoever picked through the bag took only some donuts, leaving behind a hand written note, inside the empty donut box, vowing to kill three campers. The camp director considered the note a prank, and discarded it.

The morning of June 13th, 1977, a camp counselor discovered the body of camper Lori Farmer, still in her sleeping bag. The bodies of the other two campers were found on a trail leading to the showers. Police testing revealed that the girls had been raped, bludgeoned and strangled. The camp was evacuated and shut down.

Gene Leroy Hart camping murders girl scouts

Gene Leroy Hart

Within the year, police apprehended escaped convict Gene Leroy Hart, originally convicted of kidnapping and raping two pregnant women. Hart was a Cherokee born and raised near the camp on a local Indian reservation. Hart was tried, and despite evidence, was acquitted by a jury in 1979. Hart was returned to jail to serve out his remaining 308-year sentence for previous crimes in 1973. Hart died of a heart-attack in prison at age 36.