The Johnson/Kamp Family Camping Murders – Tennessee Colony, Texas

NOV 14th 2015 – Our first story of camping murders begins in Tennessee. The Johnson family of seven from Dallas, Texas went camping to celebrate their son’s 24th birthday. The family’s car got stuck in some mud just outside their campsite, and a helpful neighbor came to the rescue, freeing the car with his tractor.

They struck up a friendship with the friendly stranger, William Mitchell Hudson (33), and invited him to their campsite for dinner and drinks. At around 9 p.m. that evening, something went horribly wrong. Four of the family members followed Hudson into the woods where Hudson pulled a gun and shot and killed them. Hudson then came back to the campsite and shot and bludgeoned two others to death.

The only remaining survivor, Grandmother Cynthia Johnson (63), escaped by running into the woods and hiding until morning, when she felt safe enough to walk to the road and phone police. The police discovered the bodies of the family in a pond behind William Hudson’s home.


It was revealed that Hudson used to hunt on the plot of land before the Johnson family purchased it from a relative of Hudson’s, to serve as the Johnson family’s private campsite. Hudson insisted that the Johnson family had “stolen” his family’s land and is currently awaiting trial for the murders.