When it comes to criminal composite sketches, they can be eerily accurate or just plain bad. Composite sketches are often released to the public when there are no photos or footage of the criminals on hand. These sketches are drawn up based off witness testimony and often times they aren’t the greatest masterpieces. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best and worst composite sketches we could find.

John List

John List murderer clay bust composite sketch captured

He murdered his family, including his wife, mother and three children. John List managed to escaped justice for 18 years. A clay bust was created to give the public an age-enhanced likeness of John List with hopes that someone would recognize the killer after all these years. He was arrested after his neighbor saw the clay bust on America’s Most Wanted.

John List murderer clay bust composite sketch captured

Paul Bernardo

paul bernado composite sketches accurate rapist murderer canadian

Canadian serial killer and rapist, Paul Bernardo, looks an awful lot like the composite sketch drawn up based off the description given by one of his victims. Even one of Bernardo’s coworkers called the police to report that he knew who belonged to haunting sketch.

Joseph Weir

joseph weir bank robber composite sketches ugly funny

Bank robber, Joseph Weir (or maybe Joseph Weird would be more appropriate) has one of the most unflattering composite sketches we have ever seen. The eyes look in separate directions while the teeth look like the keys on a busted piano. Still, he was caught and sentenced to over 30 years in prison.

Richard Allen Davis

richard allen davis composite sketches killer murderer death sentence

No composite sketch can truly capture the evil in Richard Allen Davis’ eyes. Polly Klaas’ killer was eventually caught and sentenced to death for her murder, although he is still alive in a California prison. The composite sketch looks fairly accurate considering the circumstances.

Jon David Guerrero

jon david guerrero composite sketch murderer homeless san diego fire

This nondescript composite sketch that was released in July 2016 didn’t look like it would bring a killer to justice, but it turns out, the suspected murderer looked an awful lot like the composite sketch. Jon David Guerrero was arrested for the murder of three homeless men in San Diego, CA. He has yet to go to trial for the crimes.


Glenn Edwin Rundles

Glenn Edwin Rundles composite sketch funny ugly bad

Glenn Edwin Rundles was arrested for armed robbery and he could’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for this amazing, DaVinci-like sketch. Let’s be honest, the composite sketch released by police in Texas looks like it was drawn by a 7 year old. We also can’t help but notice that it’s missing both eyebrows and lips.

Kurt Niklas Lindgren

niklas lindgren composite sketch swedish rapist serial

In Sweden, Niklas Lindgren joked with coworkers that he looked like the composite sketch of a serial rapist police were looking for. Several tips came in after the release of the sketch, which eventually led to Lindgren’s arrest.

Rodney Alcala

rodney alcala composite sketches murderer serial rapist

Convicted rapist and serial killer, Rodney Alcala was brought down because of this composite sketch. The friends of one of the victims were able to give police an accurate description of Alcala. His parole officer recognized him, which led to his eventual arrest. He was finally tried and convicted and sentenced to death.

Unknown Perpetrator

Worst police composite sketches

It’s been difficult to track down which police department is responsible for this sketch. As a result, we are unable to determine if this Sesame Street character is still walking the streets or not. If you’ve seen this person and would like to perform a citizen’s arrest, please do so. Also, please make sure you film it and send us a copy.

Ted Bundy

ted bundy composite sketches

The unibrow could probably use some work, but this composite sketch of serial killer Ted Bundy is pretty good. His coworkers and a professor at his college recognized the sketch as Bundy, but police weren’t so sure. It was hard to believe that a law student with no record could be responsible. As a result, Bundy kept on killing. He was eventually arrested, convicted and put to death.

Joanna Hayes

joanna hayes killer composite sketches worst Heather Strube

Believe it or not, these are the same person. This seems like a bad composite drawing, but it kind of isn’t. Joanna Hayes donned a wig and mustache before entering a Target parking lot and gunning down her daughter-in-law. She was convicted of the murder and sentenced to life in prison.